PMLF is dedicated to supporting initiatives that educate and help inspire the next generations of ocean stewards. Our mission is to increase conservation efforts by expanding the knowledge of marine life, their habitats and how to preserve them.

PMLF sponsors a variety of public education programs including student field trips, scientific conferences for teachers and special seminars on marine conservation and research. We support advanced studies by respected national organizations in a continuing effort to advance the body of knowledge concerning marine life.

PMLF partners with the professional educators to provide outreach programs, enabling thousands of Hawaii students to learn about marine life. Program goals include developing greater student appreciation of the oceans’ diverse, delicate habitat by exposing students to marine animals in a fun and lively learning setting. Outreach educators visit schools, many of them rural, where they provide engaging lessons based on National Science Standards.

PMLF’s support of these education efforts is reliant on donations from the community, corporations and grant-making organizations.