Rae Stone, DVM

Board Advisor

Dr. Rae Stone is a marine mammal veterinarian well known for pioneering the use of diagnostic ultrasound in dolphins. Her passion for animals and science led her to cofound Dolphin Quest in 1988, creating a new standard for the public display of dolphins in natural, enriching environments. Dolphin Quest, now with three locations worldwide, is a recognized leader in providing advanced veterinary care, contributing to university level marine research and developing educational interactive programming that inspires ocean conservation and stewardship.

Dr. Stone is a past president of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums (AMMPA). She has addressed congressional subcommittees on behalf of the AMMPA, regarding the tremendous value and benefits of public education in America’s zoos, aquariums and marine parks. She also represented the International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine on the USDA’s negotiated rule-making panel to revise the care and maintenance standards for marine mammals.

Dr. Stone has championed the creation of Dolphin Quest’s culture of service and stewardship, which has inspired the next generation of ocean advocates, and has resulted in tens of thousands of volunteer hours by Dolphin Quest employees to date.  Dr. Stone encourages businesses, scientists, governmental agencies, NGO’s and individuals to join forces to create sustainable solutions to the complex threats dolphins and whale populations are facing in today’s ocean environments.

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