Gregg Levine, DVM

Board Advisor

Dr. Gregg Levine graduated veterinary school from Colorado State University in 1998 and moved to the Hawaiian Islands to pursue his passion for marine mammal medicine.  Over the last sixteen years in the islands, he has balanced his practice of small animal medicine and surgery alongside his career as a marine mammal veterinarian.

In his early clinical years as a veterinarian, Dr. Levine developed a broad base of marine animal experience as the staff veterinarian at Sea Life Park on Oahu.  Working with a wide range of marine mammals, fish sharks, rays, sea turtles and sea birds.

Starting in 1999, Dr. Levine worked with the National Marine Fisheries Service as a veterinarian responding to sick and injured wild cetaceans and Hawaiian Monk Seals throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  Attending to the care of these sick and stranded individuals, and working with scientists to better understand the challenges that local populations of marine mammals face has been an important focus of Gregg’s career.

In 1999, Dr. Levine also began his work as attending veterinarian for two Dolphin Quest facilities (Oahu and the Big Island of Hawaii) in the Hawaiian Islands.  It was at Dolphin Quest that Gregg had the opportunity to work alongside Dr. Jay Sweeney and Dr. Rae Stone, and truly advance his skills as a dolphin veterinarian.  Dolphin Quest remains one of the leaders in marine mammal veterinary care with focuses on obstetrics and neonatal dolphin care.

The summer of 2002 was spent conducting fieldwork with Hawaiian Monk Seals in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands on a joint project with National Geographic and the National Marine Fisheries Service.  Dr. Levine worked with seal foraging ecologists and National Geographic scientists to utilize critter cameras on the seals to better understand their foraging habits.

Since 2005, Dr. Levine has worked with the Hawaii Pacific University Marine Mammal Stranding program to assist them in their pursuits of the study of dead stranded cetaceans in the Hawaiian Islands.  Dr. Levine is also an adjunct professor at the Hawaii Pacific University and has taught the undergraduate marine mammal biology class.

Currently, Dr. Levine also maintains a regular schedule as a veterinarian at a veterinary hospital on windward Oahu.  There he specializes in rehabilitation therapy and acupuncture for dogs and cats with orthopedic disease.  Gregg enjoys many outdoor pursuits and his favorite way to spend a day would be on the water with wife Julie and daughters Tyler (9) and Treva (5).

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